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A brazilian Tapioca Wrap

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From the Hut to your house

Extracted from the cassava root, Tapioca or yuca was one of the main sources of nourishment in ancient Brazillian diet. Tapioca blends nutrition, flavor, and convenience into an authentic Brazillian staple.

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It all started with the Indias, before Euporopeans arrived. The starch extracted from cassava roots was one of the main sources of nourishment in Tupi-Guarani natural diet.

At the time Brazil was oficially discovered, settlers and travelers were delighted with the versatility of the pancake and began to use them as substitutes for bread. Can you believe there were records of tapioca already in the begining of 1500?

Back then people used hot copper pans that were as practical as they should be. When tapioca was poured into the pan it made a popcorn popping sound.

The delicacy crossed borders of North and Norhteast of Brazil and was a great success even at the beaches in Rio de Janeiro. Health-conscious Cariocas soon fell in love with the cassava flour. 

From Brazil to the world: Wrapioca is here to win the heart of the USA.
Simple to prepare, deliciously natural and versatile. Perfect for people who worry about where their food comes from but cannot spend much time cooking. You can shape ir and fill it as you wish. It's impossible to resist Wrapioca!

Now that you already know the history of Tapioca how about inspiring yourself with some recipes?

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A Healthy and quick snack or meal in a matter of minutes.
Wrapioca and Yuca Balls are deliciously natural, nutrient rich and allergy friendly.

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About Us

Wrapioca is a Brazilian Company.

The wrapioca and Yuca balls brands are operated in the US by RR&SONS FLORIDA LLC.

The Wrapioca and Wrapioca balls brands are operated in Brazil by Wrapioca Importação e Exportação Ltda.

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